✰ Dior Lipstick – Premiere (Rouge collection) REVIEW ✰

Hola a todos !

Today on Lifestylious you will find a review about a beautiful Dior lipstick!

The lipstick Premiere is part of the Dior Rouge collection, and I have to say : I am a Fan !!


Dior Premiere Lipstick

The lipsticks are made with mango butter, and by adding this ingredient Dior promises you that the lipstick feels soft and smooth on your lips, plus a matte effect. Next to this the lipsticks contain a volume effect that makes your lips look bigger.. who doesn’t wants that?!


Here I am wearing the Premiere Dior Lipstick



Swatch of the Premiere 060 Colour

Conclusion : All the things that Dior promises are true. The lipstick feels very comfortable, makes my lips soft and I really have the feeling they also look a bit bigger.

The lipsticks lasts around 3 till 4 hours, so you can enjoy them for a long time!

I hope you liked my review and till soon on Lifestylious!

Besos X Leontien

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