Surreal Weekend

Dalí Museum

The entrance hall with golden statues

Face of a Woman

The melting clock

Entrance Hall, funny fact : if you zoom in on the painting of the man, you will see a naked woman!

Drinking a strawberry milkshake in Figueres 😉

Colourful Girona

A Game Of Thrones view

Most beautiful church I have ever seen 😍

Small road with a view….

Hola hola! Me and my boyfriend spend a fantastic long weekend in Figueres. Since we live in Barcelona, it is very easy to visit Spanish cities, so we try to plan in fun trips as much as possible haha  . We took the train from the station Barcelona Sants and it took us around 2 hours to arrive at our destination.

The big reason why we wanted to visit Figueres, was because of the Dalí museum.  We were both blown away by the amazing pieces of art that Salvador Dalí created.

After the museum we found a really nice bar where you could buy a Spanish beer for €1,- and got a Tapa ( piece of baguette with a topping; such as a sausage or a tortilla)  for free, how nice is that! But we also went for the very taste cocktails, with the eatable sugar straws, really cool haha 😉

After the 3 days that we’ve spend in Figueres, we decided to make a stop in Girona on our way back. Sooo happy we took this decision! We directly walked to the old part of the city, where we spotted a beautiful church and locations that looked like a Game of Thrones episode. Funny fact : later we read on the internet that GOT actually filmed in Girona, amazing right?!

On sunday evening we took the train back to Barcelona and watched a nice serie at our home! All together it was an incredible and surrealistic ( wink wink ) weekend!

Talk to you soon!

Abrazos  X


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