Hairmodel For A Day

Hola babes! Here are some pictures of the day I was a hairmodel for the ‘Barcelona Hair Academy’. I arrived at 09:00am at the academy so the teachers could look at my hair and decide what they would do with it. The theme of the course was Balagaye, this means my hair will look naturally sunkissed by adding highlights throughout the hair, who doesnt want that?! 😉                                      They took the decision to add highlights in an ashy and blue color. When they told me this, I could not wait for the result!

I was sitting on the stage and the teachers were adding highlights into my hair. The students in front of me were taking notes and would make photos of the process.

Around 15:00pm the course was coming to an end. There was also a professional photographer taking pictures the whole day. So after I was done, they asked me if they could take some pictures of me outside to get some better shots of the colours they added in my hair.

It was a really great experience, being a hair model for a day at the Barcelona Hair Academy. Can’t wait for the next time I will go there!

Enjoy your day girls! X Besos


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